Young Achievers

Loves to draw, endeavouring to become an I.A.S. officer; meet Aindri Chaturvedi of St. Thomas School, Kanpur

NKH: Tell us about yourself.

Aindri: Hello! My name is Aindri Chaturvedi, I am studying in class 4A at St. Thomas School, Kanpur.

NKH: What are your hobbies?

Aindri: M

October 2nd 2017

Dynamic, vivacious and dreaming big, meet Avantika Singh and Shruti Mishra of Subhash Public School, Kanpur

NKH: - Hi! Tell us about yourselves?
Avantika: - My name is Avantika Singh and I am a student of Subhash Public School studying in class 7A.
Shruti Mishra: - My name is Shrut

March 2016

Three marvels of St. Xavier High School, Fathehpur: Deepti Singh, Anvesha Singh and Lipakshi Maurya who did wonders in a very small age. Kidz Herald correspondent, Sandeep Kumar had a tete-a-tete with them. Excerpts….

NKH: Tell us about yourselves.
My name is Deepti Singh and I am a student of St. Xavier High

February 2016

Meet the cute little Sara Noor of Kidzee Tiny Wonder, Kanpur

LP: Give us your introduction. 
My name is Sara Noor. I am a junior KG student in Kidzee Tiny Wonders, Kanpur. 
LP: What are your hobbies?
Sara:I love to play outdoor

January 2016