About Us

Kidz Herald and Little Planet is a publication (newspapers) of Impact Media Pvt. Ltd. which is a group engaged to serve utility information to the students for creating their bright future for making developed country. 
The company had identified the students as a very promising and upcoming force influencing the buying decisions in the family. Company found about the vacuum which was amongst the students who wanted to have one single medium from which they could get all the necessary information on current affairs required for enhancing their general knowledge and also which provides entertainment avenues, which is a fun centre in itself and last but not the least a true friend providing advice on personal matters.

These facts were analyzed after the company undertook a detailed study by collecting survey reports of various organizations which were dealing with students. After interpreting the finding the above research, the company came up with such a medium catering all the needs of the students mentioned. It is Kidz Herald and Little Planet. These are special newspapers for the kids and definitely it will create an impact in the mind of the students.

This is the 13th year of running of Kidz Herald and 11th year of Little Planet and is circulated to various schools in Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Delhi-NCR.

Our Vision:

Our main objective is to enhance and motivate reading habits among the students right from the early stage. Reading early has its own advantages like: a) it builds a stronger relationship between the parents and the child, b) enhances aptitude for learning in general, c) improves speech skills, d) more focused and logical thinking, e) acclimation to new experiences and f) enhanced concentration and discipline

Kidz Herald

Kidz Herald is a specially crafted newspaper for students based on a unique concept of edu-tainment having a productive combination of Education and Entertainment. Education is a gradual process of acquiring knowledge and skills like current affairs, rack your brain, showing creativity, puzzles, crossword et cetera. NKH is fully designed and made for students with coloured and attractive pattern.

Benefits of New Kidz Herald

  • NKH is helpful for providing world-wide information to students and updating their general knowledge.
  • It contains entertainment portion by which they can get excitement and stay away from television.
  • It provides creativity which helps enhancing their dreams.
  • It is also beneficial for reducing mental stress.
Objective : All activities enhances in the development of student’s brain with innovation.
Genre : A newspaper for Middle School
Content : Current affairs, Did you Knows, Amazing Facts, Rack your Brain, Crossword, Puzzle and more
Language : English and Hindi
Type : Fortnightly newspaper
Total number of issues : 21
Headquarters : Sunrise Apartment, 15/79B, Civil Lines, Kanpur
Official website : www.kidzherald.com

Little Planet

Little Planet is an innovative newspaper specially crafted for kids having a vast concept of smart education for developing their brains for future era. Our main motive is to make child develop reading habit at an early age. We keep them engaged in various extra-curricular-activities and hence stay away from television.

Benefits of Little Planet

  • LP educates kids by smart education methods like learning with visuals and contains activities done in schools and update their general knowledge. 
  • It comprises entertainment portion and learning in an easy manner. 
  • Provides a ready platform to show their talent in form of Poetry, Jokes, Stories et cetera which shall be printed in the newspaper and eventually rewarded. 
  • It is also beneficial to acquire knowledge with playing.
Objective : To promote high-quality learning and development
Genre : A newspaper for Junior School
Content : Poem, Inspirational Stories, Activity Corner, Crossword, Language and many more
Language : English and Hindi
Type : Monthly newspaper
Total number of issues : 11
Headquarters : Sunrise Apartment, 15/79B, Civil Lines, Kanpur
Official website : www.kidzherald.com